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Each month voxie runs a themed compliant giveaway for our age-gated community so that we can gain consumer insight on hot topics while driving consumer action on our prize partner websites and social channels.  


We then package up the non-personalized data and insight into a single excel datasheet for brands to purchase and use to help create user-centric products, content, and experiences.


No, we do not include personal-identifiable fields, like email or phone numbers.  We do include many datapoints, like city, province/state, and age. Please review our FAQs for more details on what you can expect.



"If you had one question you wanted to be answered from a Cannabis-Expert, what would it be?

  • 556 adult Canadians answered this open-ended non-branded question in March 2020

  • Filter/sort answers in Excel by age, province, city

  • Great instant insight and inspiration to help you create customer-centric content without the hassle of running the research

  • Download Licence allows you to share with anyone inside your own company, sharing outside your 


"Now that cannabis edibles and drinks are legal, what one question wouid you ask an expert?

  • This open-ended non-branded question is being answered in June's Giveaway

  • Filter/sort answers in Excel by gender, age, province, city

  • Great insight to help you create customer-centric content



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