You can save a life.

Let's talk about the 3's.


You can live; 3minutes without oxygen, 3days without water, and 3weeks without food.


As you can imagine, the first of the 3's is a pretty important one. 


Voxie has collected some simple instructional videos that give you the basics of how to be effective in keeping your friend, family member or stranger, who is having trouble with that first link to life; breathing.


Heimlich maneuver to help a choking victim, to make sure air has access to the body and basic CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) the attempt to restart the heart to pump blood that needs that oxygen you are giving to the body, to save precious minutes until medical responders arrive.


Your good samaritan intent and step forward, will bring both help and start others in helping to call for 911.


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