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Chatter that Matters (CTM) is a Canadian weekly audio podcast written and hosted by Tony Chapman and sponsored/presented by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).


Each Friday, Tony chats with a new guest and shares inspiring stories of individuals and organizations who make things happen regardless of seemingly impossible circumstances. Guests include athletes, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, immigrants, refugees, survivors, and leaders from across society.  


RBC’s purpose is to help clients thrive and communities prosper. This includes creating a positive social impact as it is integral to how they do business and it is core to their culture. They are a purpose-driven company, that believes it is their responsibility to help create positive social and economic impact within our communities.


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Chatter That Matters, presented by RBC

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Canadians who are online between 30 and 75 years of age.




Increase all 2023 Key Performance Indicators by 20% over 2022 KPIs.

These metrics include:

  1. Podcast Plays (downloads/listens)

  2. Website Visits and Time-on-Site

  3. LinkedIn Followers (organic)

  4. Social Media Ads: CTR, CPM, CPC, and Engagement


inspiring positivity



We decided to reimagine what high-value high-performing branded content could be for RBC while introducing an innovative data-driven human-centric approach, supported by our in-house artificial intelligence media platform, to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our media buying, trafficking, ad copy creation, and optimization.

The Why

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit and consumer preferences began to change, many firms held on to old practices and habits that inhibited their growth. Our integrated strategy proved effective because it built upon the strengths of these industry-leading campaigns without falling prey to their pitfalls. As preferences and habits continued to evolve throughout the pandemic, we realized that our approach must be similarly adaptive in order to stand out. 





Our tactics - JAN 01, 2023 - June 30, 2023 had three main focuses: building greater human connection in a changing social landscape, embracing and adapting to technological innovation by tapping the effectiveness and efficiency of our AI media platform to write the copy our Facebook Ads, and creating content that speaks to and addresses user interests.

Podcast Content Optimization - Let’s Ditch Negativity for Positbility and Positivity


Continuous engagement with pandemic news and stress-inducing content leads to emotional burnout, causing Canadians to seek more escapist or positive content rather than something that adds to their stress. Focusing on branded podcast content that speaks to positivity and possibility can drive listener impact in many ways.

1. Emotional Resonance

2. Motivation and Empowerment

3. Escape from Negativity
4. Personal & Business Growth

6. Sense of Community

7. Inspiration for Change

  1. t

Podcast Content Optimization - Relevant and Contextual Brand Integration





Our unique strategic approach integrates RBC’s values and mission into each show in a seamless high-value manner.  We do this by having an RBC leader join us at each episode's end to share an RBC perspective tied to the guest's story. This brings three main benefits:

  1. Thought Leadership. Offering insights or information related to diversity, products, or services showcases RBC’s expertise.

  2. Human-Centric Positioning. The RBC perspective segment humanizes the brand by featuring a real person engaging in a conversation. 

  3. Educational Value. Sharing valuable insights empowers our audience to make informed decisions, enhancing their financial literacy and understanding and helping them view RBC as a partner in their financial and personal well-being.


Advertising on Social Media - Ditch Twitter, Focus on Facebook, and Tap the Power of A.I.



We created an AI + Human Paid Digital Advertising Hybrid Management Model


Our outstanding results stem from a combination of factors, including compelling content, precise targeting, persuasive design and copy, and effective engagement strategies. We combine fresh content, top-performing ads, AI software, and 3x weekly human optimization to ensure maximum ROI


The AI, under human coaching (our human does the targeting based upon audience persona types that would match that particular guest), executes the FB buy and optimizes FB placement in real-time for the new weekly ad. The AI uses previous data from all our previous AI-placed ads to further learn what works best to drive our traffic.

We launch a new ad for every guest every Monday. We also keep 3 - 4 top-performing ads from previous guests in rotation.  Unlike other industry campaigns, this approach prioritizes relevance over time and a higher return on investment (ROI) over the long term, without the need for frequent content updates.



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inspiring positivity

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