Must-Haves From The Green Living Show

It's time to give a f*ck about our planet. After all, you don't need to be vegan to be eco-conscious so there are no excuses! Voxie hit up The Green Living Show (@greenlivingpage on Insta) in Toronto and we were blown away by the quality of products! Yes, even for those of us who are not vegan.

Check out our Top Eco-friendly Products that passed the voxie test. Best of all, you can score them RIGHT NOW in Canada!

1. Desden Vision Eyewear Insta @dresdenvisionca

Desden eyewear is sustainable, comes in amazing fashion colours, and you can mix and match the frames with different arm colours. It takes 10 seconds to pop on a new colour! Use them for sunglasses, prescriptions, and even as Bluelight glasses - for those who work too long on the laptop.

2. Rawcology - Insta @rawcology on Insta

The coconut chips are all-natural and great for those on keto. We tried the cheese ones, and well, we popped them like chips! Though, they really are meant for salad toppings. (I say eat them as chips!)

3. Eco + Amour - Insta @ecoandamour

Bring your glass bottles one-and-all and fill up on shampoo, face creams, and even serums! The all-organic waste-free refills will keep the planet smiling.

4. Humble Seedz - Insta @humbleseedz

We here at voxie are flexitarians and are trying hard to up our plant-based food game. But let's be honest, most cheeses are not great if they are vegan. Until now! The garlic cream cheese is to DIE for, and it lasts super long in the fridge. Nom, nom, nom.

5. Souris Verte - Insta @souris_verte_inc

Ding. Ding. Ding. we have a winner! This will be my go-to this summer.

Yes, this sunscreen was created for babies and kids. Let me stop you right there. One - I want baby-soft skin without chemical crap. Two - I do not want skin cancer. Three - I want something that smells amazing and does not leave white-zink marks because it's natural.


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