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The Happiness Formula

Does science have an answer?

Happiness tends to have a different definition for each of us. Adulting can be hard and stressful at times. That's why scientists are researching happiness and the impacts of everything from the food we gobble down to the weight of our blankets and the quality of our sleep.

Happiness is not about scoring a better relationship or job. Or, getting that 10k raise. Happiness begins and ends with your thinking and outlook. It begins with today, how you approach every day, and how you embrace every moment including failure.  

We created voxie to help you hack your path to personal happiness and empower the world to be a happier place.  All of voxie's experiences embrace one or more of the voxie pillars of happiness:

  1. Utilize social interaction and community involvement to feel connected

  2. Tap physical activity and quality sleep to fuel the body

  3. Leverage learning and laughter to grow forward

  4. Embrace gratitude through acts of kindness

  5. Be Mindful through meditation and mantras


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