5 Quarantine Ideas That You Should Do, Now That You Have The Time, For Your Health.

Voxie shares some options on how we could invest our time in healthy decisions for fighting Cabin Fever. Keeping your friends and family safe during unsafe times.

Social distancing within about 2-3m of each other and staying isolated has become our reality. It has changed us, our perspectives on freedom, and our need to protect our communities. This can be the JOLT we gift ourselves what we might just have needed the time and/or opportunity to be called to action for our health.

As we all slow down, retreat and respond, we at voxie offer you a list of things that can work in between your conference calls and the stopping the kids from bugging each other, or at least the attempt.

1. Find some Nature.

Even in these turbulent times, it is important to see the outside and see the world waking up. It is important in two ways;

Our connection with our environment is an important link to our internal systems, hormone production and release. Amounts of sunlight, the feel of temperature, sunshine wind and the elements, is an important way to maintain status or equilibrium, and good health.

The hypothalamus, our master clock, directly responds to these seasonal cues internally with our circadian rhythms to make sure we are in tune with our environment. In this time of isolation, try to find a way to be in the outside. Try taking a walk, bike, even standing on your patio, in your backyard or even time in front of a window, can help to re-calibrate your body and bring your important systems, immunity, digestion etc. into check and functioning properly.

Our interior spaces are its own ecosystems and with better windows, doors, insulation and better construction techniques, we are trapping pollutants in our spaces. To the tune of 3-5 times more pollutants in our indoor air compared to our outdoor air. We humans spend upwards of 90% of our time indoors, considering where we are today, that number is higher.

Open your windows, and/or doors in the middle of day, when the sun is warm, to allow for a flush out of pollutants and possible build up of toxins or dust. More on this in the 'Your gotta Suck' section.

We can take this extra time to get some fresh oxygenated air, observing safe distancing at about 2-3m (6-10ft), we can take a brisk walk, bike or jog. How do we know how far apart this is? About the length of a bike, dog leash or out of droplet range.

If you can fit in taking a dog with you on your walk, your happiness level, just increased. Don't have a dog? Borrow one! Help a neighbour who is self isolating, or ill, seniors also need our help to be safe right now. This is a great opportunity to see if a dog might be for you in the future and a great way to help with social non- touching.

Social distancing can include walking, biking, keeping distance is the important part, about the length of a dog leash. You can practice your signature nod or wave. We are back in the times of the Wild West. Virtual gun fights across a far span, can almost be fun.

2. You gotta suck! [with the vacuum], and clear out Dust.

So, one of the reasons you internal air quality is lower than outside air is the Dust. We capitalize Dust here, as it is a actual cocktail of particulates of varying degree of hazard. Pollutants collect from coatings from fabrics, flame retardants in foam, and other chemical products that break down overtime and collect on surfaces which we breath, and worse, ingest into our responsive systems.

We offer a clear and specific video series of what surrounds us and why internal cleaning and open window flush out's are so important, especially now.

Wet cloth cleaning, vinegar seems to be very successful in killing bacteria and viruses, (check your cleaning products, or air out with an open window flush, if the aroma's become overwhelming). Vacuuming regularly is a great way to clean out our interiors of pollutants that are collecting.

Under furniture and on surfaces, unfortunately, are where our most vulnerable hang out, where our youngest crawl, and our elders rest and our furry friends collect.

This is why cleaning and often, is even more important now with all this time indoors. This is also a great time to open the windows for a full interior flush, when the sun in out to clear out your internal air.

Changing the filters on your furnace would also be a great idea at this time, and a great way to keep your space healthy at seasonal change. Wash your clothes and clean out your vacuum, and keep any of this collected waste outside of the house.

3. Start the Purge.

As you vacuum, mop and wet dust, you will see collections of items that are crowding in your space. We find working either top to bottom (if you are in a house) or move items from the back to the front (apt/flat) so that your collection of items locates itself close to exit of your space.

Have a receptacle ready, a bag or box, ready, to make it out for donation, to the car, or for pick up. Clearing out non essentials and removing exiting items from their resting place, allows more space for energy to flow. This also clears off surfaces to be available to vacuuming and dust. This cleansing will also help to clear out your mind, one less thing to think or wonder about.

4. Plant your Seedlings.

With all of these clear surfaces, clean spaces and extra time on your hands, your coordination with your circadian rhythms and communicating with nature, the next step is to create a link to nutrition. As the sun sits longer in the sky, the thoughts on what you will enjoy growing and harvesting this season are only eclipsed by the feel of fresh, nutrient rich soil, through your fingers and clean water to help your seedlings grow.

The act of watching these amazing sprouts push through the soil and stretch toward the sun also brings with it a 'biophilic' psychological response of wellness and innate connection to this process. Enhancing the seedling grow space with the design of your space, creating a surface to house, water and watch the growing, near the southern windows and near your kitchen, really reinforces this connection with growth and nature. It also connects you to your food.

This inherent connection moves full circle into the next stage of taking mature seedlings into the ground, patio pots or interior growing. Feel like you want to take this even further? How about a worm composter, to create better soil for your little seedlings? We can help you with that as well.

5. Read a book.

Your home is clean, and clear of clutter, you have sucked out all the bad particles out of your internal air and even started sequestering carbon and creating oxygen in our own space (seedlings are great at that). Your gift to yourself now, is to find some time to read a book.

You decide what reading means the most to you.

Your life, and time requirements, determines whether you engage in a large factual novel, or a collection of short stories, but the gift of that little bit of time you carve out for your mind to let loose and enjoy a book. Books are a great idea to share as they are perfect for reuse, discussion (on the phone or a virtual book club) and easy to clean (important before you share and/or read).

Beyond that, the act of reading has shown to increase creativity and fluid reasoning, as well as slowing down late-life cognitive decline. There is also the benefit of living another person's life, through another person's eyes, and live the challenges the characters face. Being able to walk in another's shoes is a direct link to understanding and practicing, empathy.

We can't think of a better way to relax, swing in a hammock and drift. Worry and stress about what we can not change is not going to help us be healthy. Stay safe and allow space for kindness and self care.

At this time in our existence, every little bit helps to keep us all safe and healthy. We know this can be challenging, even scary to many people out there. All we can do is stay safe, listen to our educated scientific community and take care of each other. Voxie wishes you all a healthy and safe isolation.

Monica Polo | Monica Polo is Co-Founder and COO of Voxie. As a practicing interior designer (BID) and a Materials Health and Wellness educator, Monica brings current and relevant practices on how to holistically design a healthier world. This allows her readers, students and clients, to own their own wellness and move toward positive change, at their pace. As a social activist, she weaves the Burning Man, 10 principles into her personal wellness philosophy through her work at the Design Center, at RSID and through Voxie. She lives in Toronto, Canada, with her two sons.


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