We Hit Up an Infused Brunch and Here's What We Learned

For 4/20 this year, some of the voxie crew set out on a THC/CBD infused adventure, and let me tell you, some lessons were learned, and some awesome memories were made.

Let's start at the beginning. The marijuana industry is trying to move away from its stoner roots as professional folks,  like those at voxie and perhaps you, look to explore how to safely consume cannabis and/or CBD without smoking it. Since edibles are expected to be the most popular consumption method for Canadian consumers when legalized this October, many chefs are ramping up their skills around Infused dining. 

When we heard about Travis Petersen's (known as The Nomad Cook) private brunch for 4/20, it seemed like the perfect experience to try out with the team. Travis Petersen, in our books, is the leading chef and educator in Canada today when it comes to cannabis and dining.

It's important to note, that our brunch was about responsible dosing over the 3-courses and not about getting stoned at noon on a Saturday. 

Though, if you are not careful, that can happen.  Sidebar. Yes, one of our teammates did, in fact, overestimate her tolerance and she was on a 4hr babble-ride, that we all personally enjoyed because we were in a safe intimate environment with close friends! But if you do over-do-it, it can make you feel rather uncomfortable for many hours.

The key to safely consuming cannabis is to go slow (ie. spread doses out over an hour or more) and keep the doses low.  We hate to break it to you, but you edible dose and tolerance have zero to do with whether you smoke cannabis or not, and everything to do with your individual experience with edibles, body weight, and what you have in your stomach etc.  

We don't want to spoil the dining adventure for you, in case you are lucky enough to score a seat with Travis, so we won't spill all the details of our private infused brunch.  But, we did put together a quick video recap of our big takeaways.

Bottom line, we had a blast, and yes, we'd do it all over again in a second!  Travis is spending the summer in Toronto which means pop-up events for the 6ix, though he does travel a great deal across Canada and the US as well.

You can learn more about Travis on his Facebook page.

- Safety Tips -

  1. NEVER consume cannabis and drive, ever.

  2. Do not mix alcohol and cannabis.

  3. Keep consumption doses low, and understand it can take an hour for you to feel the effects and the effects will then continue for up to 6 hours. So, have your Netflix binge list ready.


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