Dcou Premium Herb Grinder

Okay.  Clearly, it is pink and that is why some of us at voxie voted this puppy in!  Have no fear, it also comes in a very "Bond-like" black and rusty orange.


The DCOU grinder is the ultimate well-weighted palm-size grinder.  It feels solid in your hand with its milled aluminium frame yet light at the same time. The sharp blades make quick results and they give you an option of mesh sizes.


We also enjoy the ridges on both the top and bottom of the piece, to allow for grip.  It's also super easy to clean. 


The style is giving you some bling, but not too much.  You'll be able to find it in your bag, and make a statement when you pull it out.  Let us know about your unveiling moment with this DCOU grinder, we bet you get a reaction.


Retail - $21.00


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