Anti-Blue Light Computer Glasses

We spend so much time on our screens. Glowing appliances of content that take over our retina's for most of our workdays, and really, into our downtime.


With these glasses, you’ll start to notice better screen viewing and greater clarity after just a few days of wearing them. 


Voxie believes your eyes are important enough to protect. 🤓


The benefits;

  • Reduce eye strain, eye fatigue and sensitivity to light during long computer sessions.
  • Allow your eyes to blink and function naturally. Great for office workers or anyone who has to work at a screen all day. 
  • All day comfort with a durable yet flexible frame.
  • Spectrum lenses don’t distort screen colours or have a harsh yellow tint. The glasses only block the harmful 50% of blue light.


The average person now spends over 7 hours a day looking at a screen. Whether it’s laptops, desktops, tablets or smartphones - our glasses help reduce harmful blue light that can cause eye issues and prevent ideal levels of sleep; effective against sensitivity to fluorescent lights


Retail - $54.95



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