Water Garden Fish Tank

Welcome to Aquaponics for your countertop made easy.


A self-cleaning 3-gallon fish tank that grows organic sprouts and herbs for your foods and drinks. 


This closed-looped ecosystem is powered by the combination of aquaculture, or fish farming, with hydroponics, or growing plants in nutrient-rich water. 


  • The System - tank/grow bed/pump and gravel
  • The plants - 5plant pots/ grow stones and organic seed packs (seeds of change)
  • The water - D-klor/Zym Bac/ Tidy Tank
  • The fish - Fish prep/Betta fish coupon/ fish food
  • Includes free access to interactive aquaponics curriculum


Watching swimming fish bring calm and a sense of well being.  Fresh herbs create aroma and addition of flavour to your foods. Organic nutrients, to feed the fish, and from the fish, close the loop to a successful harvest, all at the convenience of your countertop. 


We like comprehensive solutions that provide our voxie members with gifts that keep giving. 


Enjoy the calm movement of the fishies and the wonderful freshness of your garden growing.


Retail - $ 133.74


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