Boston Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

Sometimes, it's not so much the drink coming to you, as it is the way it's prepared and presented.


Really, with martini's, it is all about the shake.  Shake it to your hearts a polaroid picture.🍸


This top quality 304 stainless steel - comes in rose gold, gold, black, silver, antique brass.


The two shaker tins are carefully designed to offer great water-tight seal when shaking cocktails and easy to break with a palm whack.  Anything to make your martini game, that much more, 007.  


This Boston Shaker Set consists of;

  • 18 & 28 oz shakers;


  • Three types of strainers: Julep, Hawthorne & Fine Mesh strainers for making different types of cocktails


  • Japanese Jigger with precise measurements for 2, 1.5, 1 & 0.5 oz, versatile for making different drinks


  • European style Bar Spoon with a spiral handle to help you stir your drinks with ease;


  • Two liquid pourers; Ice muddler & tongs 


  • A Recipe Guide for 30 classic cocktails



Retail - $75.90 


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