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Can of Bliss (Cannabis)

Great SAFE packaging, love for the environment, and support for craft growers.


Why are we sad when we think of Can of Bliss?  Well, we wish they their product sold everywhere in Canada!  We have a HUGE excessive packaging challenge here in the great North, and it appears that Can of Bliss has a viable solution.

Can of Bliss plays a key role in helping support craft cannabis growers by partnering with them to bring their cannabis flower to market. You can think of them like a "record label", signing on existing stars with hits you’ve heard and up-and-coming artists that will soon be known all over. 


Yes, their cannabis-as-a-product vision is solid, but what makes them so awesome is their attention to sustainable packaging. The child-proof rugged package design makes the perfect container to carry cannabis on the go.  


We had the pleasure of meeting the Can of Bliss team in Vancouver at the 2019 Lift Conference  - and we fell in love with their brand. We give them 🙌🏼 from us here at voxie. You should too. 


Voxie believes that you should support the VALUE a company brings, not just the end product they produce. Be a conscious shopper.


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