CAUSEBOX (Subscription Box)

CAUSEBOX has created an offering, celebrating what voxie holds most dear - social equity, support and transparency, with style. 


This seasonal delivery of one-of-a-kind, jewellery, homewares, skincare products and accessories, (6-8 items in total) are sent to you with their personal story 4x a year, so you can really engage with the products you are buying.


Here's what CAUSEBOX had to say:

"We don't just send a box full of products and let you figure out what they are and why we chose them. Our editorial team digs in deep and talks to the founders of our partnering companies - we get the nitty gritty. We tell you why a brand gives back, who they are directly impacting, and where their products are made - and we publish it all in a beautiful magazine that comes in each box. Because, transparency matters."


If you are looking to make eco-conscious shopping a habit, this is a great place to start.




    Disclaimer: At voxie, we do hand-select each product/service and the brand/product profiles are editorial in nature. All trademarks and images are the property of the respective brands.


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