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4 Canadian Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands to Check Out

“The Covid crisis shed more light on the problems with fast fashion and consumers became even more motivated to support brands doing good.” (Sandra Capponi, LIVEKINDLY, 2021).

Brands with goals to create a better future for our planet yet keep you stylish are becoming more popular. If you're looking for eco-friendly brands with good products check out these 5 eco-friendly companies!

TenTree is a clothing company based in Vancouver Canada devoted to creating a sustainable future. With every purchase from their online store, 10 trees will be planted.

The apparel is created with a small environmental footprint, sustainable materials and takes 75% less water to create than many items in your wardrobe.

TAMGA Designs is a Canadian clothing brand out to prove how colourful and exciting sustainable fashion can be, serving up gorgeous, flowy designs that will glide you into warmer weather with poise and grace. TAMGA offers a range of tops, skirts, dresses, and accessories made from 100% Micro TENCEL® and LENZING™ ECOVERO™.

Their Rosella Wrap Dress, for example, saves 19 litres of water compared to a typical fast-fashion dress, that’s the equivalent of 12 days of drinking water for one person from one dress!

Each TAMGA order is carefully packed into an unbleached and certified organic cotton tote bag.

Franc is a clothing brand based right outside of Toronto, ON who carries an amazing basics collection.

Franc is 100% plastic-free, all shipping bags are made from reusable compostable materials. Clothing is made with knit material and environmentally friendly non-toxic dyes.

All items that cannot be sold ( overstocked, second sale) are donated to Sistering (shelters for marginalized women in recovery) and the YWCA ( Helps women and girls flee violence, find a job and develop confidence) of Toronto.

"Every month our total emissions generated by shipping orders to you, are calculated and that number becomes our monthly offset cost. This cost neutralizes our shipping emissions and goes towards protecting forests with Pachama and contributes to certified projects, complying with the best-in-class carbon offset protocols and standards"

Based in Toronto, Canada Alice + Whittles favours transparency, ethical manufacturing practices and sustainable materials as a means of creating long-lasting, positive change.

They spend years developing each collection of footwear, meticulously searching for the most sustainable materials in the world. Materials that tread lightly on the planet and respect people - natural fair-trade rubber, re-claimed ocean plastics, recycled PET, and vegan water-based glue etc. All their footwear is virgin plastic-free and the rubber is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

"We focus on what matters: design, sustainability, quality, comfort and functional integrity. We create outdoor footwear that you actually want to wear. Anytime, anywhere, on or off the beaten trail."

But we know you're still going to want to shop at Zara and H&M so...

Many highly known brands are beginning to open eco-friendly clothing lines, for example, Zara. Join Life is Zara's new line of clothing, using different materials, increasing sustainability and reducing the impact of their products. The company is working towards an increase of human rights in the business with concentrations in four categories, Community support, social welfare, education and humanitarian aid. Working with many non-profit organizations such as (facilitates access to portable water and sanitation), and Every Mother Counts (Provides basic maternal care to women during pregnancy). They are also now using alternative clothing materials such as cellulose fibres, ecologically grown cotton, recycled materials, wood and wool.

Check out more information and take a closer look into the Join Life Clothing Line


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Tara O'Doherty is the Co-Founder and CEO of voxie. Tara is a global award-winning strategist, marketer, designer, author, speaker and educator who lives in Toronto, Canada with her two fat dogs. She is best known for her SickKids VS digital work which resulted in numerous global awards and helped secure over 700 million dollars in donations for the hospital. She is also the former co-Founder and CPO of JADEO and ex-VP of Experience Strategy at Cossette Communications.


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