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Simple and Delicious Smoothie Recipes

There's nothing that beats a cold smoothie to help kickstart your morning, keep those hunger pangs at bay between meals or even to help fuel you pre or post-workout. Whether you're looking for the perfect summer drink or just love smoothies, these extremely simple and quick combinations are perfect. Because smoothies are loaded with fruits and vegetables, they also tend to be loaded with fibre. Fibre lowers your risks of chronic illnesses and increasing your overall health.

Looking for an easy and quick treat? Try one of these simple recipes...

Refreshing Fruit Smoothies

Delicious Healthy Smoothies

Sensational Smoothie Bowls


Get To Know The Author...

Tara O'Doherty is Co-Founder and CEO of voxie. Tara is a global award-winning strategist, marketer, designer, author, speaker and educator who lives in Toronto, Canada with her two fat dogs. She is best known for her SickKids VS digital work which resulted in numerous global awards and helped secure over 700 million dollars in donations for the hospital. She is also the former co-Founder and CPO of JADEO and ex-VP of Experience Strategy at Cossette Communications.


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