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Urban Farmer: Your DIY Indoor Food Garden

At voxie, we know that the struggle to get healthy food, microgreens, herbs, and vegetables, into your diet, is so very real.

How do we become urban farmers? Having a small living space is no longer a deterrent in getting your inner farmer engaged. We show you how to grow new(ish), fresh veggies, from your food scraps!

Arugula kidding me?

We invite you to saddle up that green thumb and try growing delicious, organic, and fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs, right on your countertop, windowsill or small patio! Cucumbers all year around? We are IN!

Desire, a little bit of know-how, and a container garden (fish or no fish) are all it takes to start your own food take-back revolution, in your kitchen. (Lettuce know how it goes, and tomato it to all your friends ;).

Harvest your sprouts and peace of mind while enjoying the great flavour and fresh taste and get your farm-to-table nutrition in about - 3feet.


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