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Wasted. Your Low-Waste Quick Start Guide

Plastic spray bottles and endless plastic containers, oh my!

Are you longing to be able to reduce, reuse, and recycle your plastic, individual use packaging, but not sure where to start with your cleaning routine and cleaning products?

Voxie has thought this out and provided a solution this all shined up and spotless up for you.

Laundry, bathroom and kitchen hack's to get you loving your homemade products. Really understanding the 'baking soda and white vinegar volcano cleaning' magic.

Voxie has also collected for you some guidance on how to store these homemade products in great vessels that can both be refilled, and make you feel like you are doing your part towards a better planet.

Zero waste superheroes, who know that every little bit helps towards creating less waste and more living.

Now, what colour should our cape be??


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